Madeleine Scherb, oratrice de haut niveau au SMSI 2016 interviewée par Claire Doole (vidéo)


En vidéo:



  • Thank you for sharing this interview. It's good to know there are associations such as yours committed to protecting both health and the environment. Keep up the good work!

  • Am from Africa country called Uganda am so glad and appreciating a good job your doing for the ignorance in we people especially Africans who have good soil but they face disaster deforestation is taking place instead of planting more trees,
    Government would encourage at least every body any household to plant more trees to keep the environment.
    The issue of human health in Africa has caused by the leaders there are so hungry they don't take the responsibility instead they us such chances to grab money for their own needs also you should look that solutions
    Wars instability poor communication lack of mobility(mobilisation)to fight that ignorance etc

  • Thanks for your comment!

  • Bonjour
    je suis centrafricain de Nationalite et expert en developpement culturel. Je suis a Geneve dans le cadre de la session intergouver;ental sur les ressources genetiaues. je dsoi merci a votre blog pour la couverture de cet evenenement

  • Merci bien, je vous souhaite bons travaux au sein du Comité intergouvernemental sur les ressources génétiques.

  • thank you very much Madelene for getting to know you and the work your are doing in your organization. Sure I am interest to get to know more about what you are doing and how best that could help us in Vanuatu.

  • Thanks for your comment!

  • Je voudrais dire grand merci aux organisateurs de la 30eme sesion du comite intergouvernemental sur la propriete intellectuelle, des ressources genetiques, des savoirs traditionnels et du folklorepour la bonne tenue de ladite session.

  • Bon suivi!

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